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Friday, September 09, 2005

holy postings!

for those of you who are members of the project listserv who are a little overwhelmed by the quantity of postings from enthusiastic librarians, hang in there! it's true, the listserv is not normally so active, we're just experiencing some last minute increased activity. we expect the number of e-mails will decrease after the weekend.

so please: if you have unsubscribed to the list, consider re-subscribing after the weekend. i apologize if the increased number of e-mails inconvenienced any of you--it's hard to contain the excitement! :)


At September 11, 2005 5:14 AM, Blogger donna said...

Hi my name is donna kitney and 3 day's befor 9-11 i had a dream of thick gray smock all around me and i new in the dream i was going to die i have to breth i said to my self and i had a baby walking up to the shop with her in a pram i tride to save her by tipping the pram up side down and placeing her under my jumper but we had to breth.Then 3 day's after my dream i was waching the new's on chanel 10 i could not bellev my eye's the thick gray smock covering all the peopel and the deth and destruction i was seeing i cryed and wet in to my room and cryed some more noing i could not help the peopel feling halples and scerd i thourt what can i do lord what can i do then i pout a tape in to sing one of my song's i have done with just the music i sing it with and all of a suden new word's come out . Yes i have dune a song called stop fighting . If you would like this song just let me no and you can you's it for seling on the web to all the peopel that want to remember 9-11 .It is all so in the capechell of peace in albany in australia pleace do this i no it will sale well and you can make some money for all the peopel that lost some one are still loosing some one to this day my phone number is 08 9498 2571 from donna kitney.

At April 20, 2006 11:07 AM, Blogger donna said...

hi this is donna yes the lady who had the dream 3 day's befor 9/11 im sory about the spelling but i have dyslexia . thank you for putting my story out for other's to read can i have your link so i can put you on my website at my email is i still have the song and if you whant one just call or leave a message thank you agen from donna kitney


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