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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

kids around the world

today i'm gathering event descriptions in preparation for posting them to the web site. the list isn't in any particular order, and when i read a description from israel, and then from tennesee (usa), i was reminded of how special it is that people--in this case, kids--from distant corners of the world will be sharing this day at their neighborhood libraries. children will learn about their rights, read books that were once banned, learn about important historical events, create images of the world at peace, and so much more.

here are the 2 descriptions that inspired me today:

Beit Barbor library (Israel)
We are glad to be a part of this wonderful project. Nice to read the messages and learn from it. We at Beit Barbor public library started the big show. As you know we emphasis on children rights, our graphic department made the "Israel's children rights statement". The statement specifies the rights, for an example: the rights for security, the right for expressing himself and so on. In addition there is a big invitation to the children asking them to create on this matter, to write short stories that explain those rights or to take a picture or to paint. We also address the public elementary school near us; hopefully there will also take a part in this important issue.

Jacksboro Public Library
(Tennessee, USA)
Jacksboro Public Library will incorporate two We the People Bookshelf grants into our observance of The September Project 2005. The primary focus will be to gather young people at a public place to share ideas and discuss freedom, democracy, citizenship, and patriotism.

We will have a youth display of all We the People Bookshelf selections on both “Freedom” and “Courage”. We will advertise our observance and displays via distribution of flyers to schools, malls, grocery stores, handouts at the library, and announcements on local radio/TV stations, articles in newspapers and via the library’s web page.


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