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Friday, June 30, 2006

goffstown public library

this morning, goffstown public library, in goffstown, new hampshire, signed up to participate in the september project. two librarians, jessica stevens and sandra whipple, are organizing the events and they've already posted a web page for their september project events!

their events include two september 11-related films (the guys and seven days in september: a powerful story about 9/11 - both from 2002) and a lecture titled "civil liberties vs. security in post 9-11 america" featuring richard hesse, professor emeritus at franklin pierce law center.

the other element of their events, called "wishes for our world," is really quite stunning. quoting from their web site:
As we approach the fifth anniversary of 9/11, we would like to help the community remember the events of that tragic day, as well as the more than 3,000 people who lost their lives. Wishes for our world will be an opportunity for citizens of all ages to stop and reflect on their hopes for our world of today and their dreams for our world of tomorrow.

Beginning on September 1st, we will ask local businesses and community organizations to make available pre-cut stars, provided by the library, upon which children and adults may express their Wishes For Our World. Our goal is for the community to complete 3,000 stars and 3,000 wishes, representing the lives lost on 9/11. As the stars are completed between September 1st and September 11th, we will display them throughout the community; on walls, windows, etc.
i've never had the pleasure to visit the state of new hampshire but when i do i'll be sure to visit goffstown and the goffstown public library.


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