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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Art to Learn From: the Lithgow Public Library

Want to start a conversation around people who made a difference? Go to the Lithgow Public Library in Augusta, Maine from September 5th to September 18th and view the exhibit, "Americans Who Tell the Truth."

This is no ordinary art exhibit. On display will be a selection of portraits from Robert Shetterly's series of important Americans in history "who have shown great courage and conviction in standing up for what they believe in."

This is no ordinary list of people. From Harriet Tubman, to Susan B. Anthony, to lesser known, but important figures such as Ossie Davis and Harry Hay, these portraits will spark conversation and create moments where new perspectives are shared.

What I love about this exhibit is that is has the potential to make people consider different perspectives, to think about what and who they admire, and to realize that much can be learned from people who possess differing views--and that's what makes our country great.

Learn more about this impressive event by visiting the Lithgow Public Library's web site and also make sure to visit Robert Shetterly's web site.

The people of Augusta, Maine are lucky to have such an impressive exhibit on display in their community.


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