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Sunday, July 31, 2005

libraries in colorado

I just returned from Colorado, and while there, enjoyed using libraries to keep in contact with September Project participants. Colorado is such a glorious and awe-inspiring state, and it seemed no matter what town I visited, a library welcomed me. I used the Rocky Mountain College library in Leadville, CO (at 10,430 feet, walking to the library was a workout!), the Pitkin County Library (a bustling and beautiful setting in Aspen), and the John Tomay Memorial Library in Georgetown (a friendly librarian in a warm and inviting building set in a charming old town).

It was a joy visiting these mountain town libraries, talking to librarians, and using their computers. Thanks to Colorado for being such a welcoming and stunning host! Please visit the map to see which libraries in Colorado are participating in the project.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

league of women voters in libraries

We never tire of hearing the great ideas librarians share with us about events that engage their communities. Librarians often collaborate with community organizations, and one community organization that is doing great work in libraries and beyond is The League of Women Voters.

The Patriot Act continues to be a hot topic for libraries and communities. This fall, the "sunset" provisions are scheduled for a Congressional vote, and the League of Women Voters is equipped to help community members understand this and other important issues. League members are trained in leading community discussions on a host of topics, and are eager to engage local communities in better understanding the issues that affect us.

I'd love to hear from libraries who have collaborated with local League of Women Voters groups. What types of programs did you organize? Any tips for other libraries on organizing effective and productive events?

And if your library is interested in having a League of Women Voters member lead a compelling discussion at your library, please contact your local branch, and tell them about The September Project. They'll be glad to hear from you :)