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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

guest entry: sarah's mom!

being the proud mom of sarah has gotten me pretty excited about the september project. this year I decided to go to several libraries and it was amazing to see the different strategies each used for their session. i guess that’s the part that really turns me on... each library designs their own event according to the community they represent.

on SATURDAY, september 10, i attended a showing of the movie, “the cost of freedom, civil liberties, security and the us patriot act" at the southdale branch of the hennepin county library in edina, mn. the movie highlighted the tensions between civil liberties and security that have arisen since the patriot act was passed in 2001. over thirty people attended the screening, and over half of that number stayed for a discussion afterwards. all ages represented which made the discussion lively and interesting in that so many different perspectives and experiences were shared.

on MONDAY afternoon, september 12, the edina branch of the hennepin county libraries, presented great decisions: the us and global poverty as part of their september project. over 75 were in attendance and many stayed for a discussion and question and answer session. interestingly, this monthly gathering began a year ago with a similar lecture and discussion around september 11 for the september project. those attending were so impressed that they asked for more, and the numbers keep growing as programs are presented each month except during the summer. so david and sarah can take credit for an ongoing program in minnesota!
the librarian mentioned that the mother of one of the co-directors of the project was present which was cool. several of the people stopped to talk during a break and said i must be so proud of my daughter......well yeah!

a drive through the minnesota river valley delivered me to gustavus adolphus college in st. peter on MONDAY evening. a gathering in the college library heard a presentation by several professors and a librarian who explored "perspectives on civil liberties in the post-9/11 world”. each person’s view came from her/his own field of expertise and was stimulating and thought provoking. most of the audience were students, and their views and questions were great…..a very informed group! the library has several more programs planned all under the september project heading... i may be doing more driving this fall! after the event i was able to meet the presenters and talk to them about this and future programs they are planning. they all had wonderful and encouraging things to say about the project and also about sarah and david for coming up with the idea! i was so pleased!


At September 15, 2005 10:05 AM, Blogger david silver said...

thanks for the excellent report from minnesota!

it's exciting to hear about all the events that took place -- and continue to take place -- in the state of minnesota. it is also exciting to hear about the event at the edina branch of the hennepin county libraries -- it was great to visit that library while in minneapolis a few months ago.

the librarians of Gustavus continue to amaze me (and sarah) with their diverse, engaging, and timely events. they seem to have a knack for engaging all segments of the campus community.

thanks for sending along this update. please send more!

At September 15, 2005 6:13 PM, Blogger Ivan Chew said...

Wow, I wish my mother would post about taking part in an event I organised! *envy*

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